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A delicately scaled, modular system of interconnected elements and suspended LED luminaires. Suspenders can be configured and customized as individual lighting sculptures or as a tiered web of infinite scope and variety. The Suspenders system harmoniously integrates functional and decorative luminaires, providing the ability to add focused light or the soft glow of indirect illumination to any application.

Suspenders are designed as one of eight primary configuration categories:




zig zag





gallery matrix

wall and surface mounts

Suspenders Precise™


The system is composed of three primary types of elements: horizontal elements called Power Bars, vertical elements called Hangers, and luminous LED elements called Luminaires. These elements are combined and connected to a Power Feed to form a limitless number of LED lighting sculptures.

System Components


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decorative luminaire options

Luminaires are the luminous elements for Suspenders, and are available in multiple styles (Single Luminaires, Cluster Luminaires, Cylinder Luminaires, Light Bars, Ladder Lights, and Monoline™ Pendants). All Luminaires have a warm white color temperature (3000K), and are minimum 90CRI.

suspenders® double rod decorative luminaires

suspenders® cluster luminaires

suspenders® v-cord luminaires

suspenders® [multi-light]

suspenders® monoline pendants

suspenders® light bars

mezzaluna on-bar luminaire

suspenders precise
Suspenders Precise™ - introduced in 2017 - expands the scope and utility of Suspenders with the addition of new systems and components that offer increased functionality, configurations, and possibilities to the Suspenders system.

Suspended from Hangers or fixed flush to a Power Bar, Suspenders Precise components provide up, down, and amiable directional light sources in spot and flood options, as well as direct and reflected ambient light sources; components screw, twist-, and snap-lock in place, forming unified interlocking assemblies.

precise luminaire options

Built on a precisely-engineered modular lighting system, precise components screw, twist, and snap-lock in place, forming unified interlocking assemblies that enhance the range of possibilities, applications, and configurations of the expanding Suspenders system.

suspenders® precise cylinder light engines

suspenders® power precise cylinder trim options

suspenders® power precise cube light engines

suspenders® power precise cube trim options

suspenders® precise cell light engines

suspenders® precise cell trim options

suspenders® precise cylinder

suspenders® precise cylinder trim options

suspenders® precise sphere

suspenders® precise sphere trim options

finish options
In addition to the original Satin Black finish, Suspenders components and luminaires are now available in a Bright Satin Aluminum finish, offering an alternative, softer appearance to the Suspenders system.

satin black finish

bright satin aluminum finish


suspenders® CATALOG

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